Raise your glass for 2015!

New Year’s Eve of 2015 is the ultimate party night in Poland. Doesn’t matter if you celebrate it in a sophisticated club or in a small private party. The biggest and best firework displays will always be in the city center.

Several Polish municipalities organize open-air concerts and fireworks shows for celebrating the coming of 2015. Thousands of people are expected to spend the transition to the New Year in central squares of Polish main cities. Are you one of them?


In Warsaw the main concert followed by fireworks display will be organized at the National Stadium (Stadionu Narodowego w Warszawie). It will bring on the stage many artists, such as: Jason Derulo, Dash Berlin, Artur Rojek, Hey i Budka Suflera. The concert starts at 21:00. More details can be found here.

Wrocławski Rynek will be the place where New Year’s Eve concert will take place in the city of Wroclaw. The concert is going to start at 20:00. On the stage will perform: Donatan i Cleo, Pectus, LemON, Bajm, Perfect, Edyta Górniak, Halina Mlynkowa, Patrycja Markowska, Afromental i Piersi and others. You can join the official event here.

In the former capital of Poland, this year’s show will be held under the slogan: “Krakow – City of Kings”. Agnieszka Chylińska, Maciej Maleńczuk, Kayah, Zakopower, IRA, Wolves, Feel, Gregory Hyży, Red Lips and Future Folk will play for you in the main square (Krakowski Rynek). More information can be found by checking the official event.


This year’s Sylwester in Gdynia will be held under the slogan “New Year’s Eve cruise of hits around the world”. It will include Krzysztof Krawczyk, Enej, Jacek Stachursky, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Anne Wyszkoni, Ewa Farna, Kamil Bednarek, Big Cyc, Ewelina Lisowska, Kombi, Frost. See you in Skwer Kościuszki for this amazing event!

Plac Wolności of Poznan will host many artists, such as: Natalia Kukulska, Halina Frackowiak, Anne Rusowicz, Kasia Rościńska, Hanna Banaszak, Dagmara Melosik, Martyna Melosik for this New Year’s Eve. The theme of the evening is “I want you to dance the night” . The show will begin at 22:00.

In Rzeszow the star of this New Year’s party will be Monika Brodka. There will also br two local bands: My Bike and Guitar Force. The show will be held in the main square, Rynek w  Rzeszowie. Concerts start at 21:00.



In Plac Litewski you will be able to see “Lublin dancing” on salsa, rumba, reggae, hip hop, swing, jazz, and techno rhythms. The star of the evening will be Marika. The concert begins at 20:00. Be there!

Kielce‘s “New Year under the stars” show starts at 22:00 this year. It will bring on the stage stars like Loka band. There will be contests with prizes. You can see there fireworks and illuminations on buildings.

In Bialystok you will be entertained by Klezmafour band and Tatiana Okupnik. The event will be held in the central market, Rynek Kościuszki.

This year’s New Year’s Eve in Szczecin will gather together well-known DJs from Europe.

You can read here how other Polish cities celebrate the coming of 2015. We hope you made your choice already 🙂

S-UNIT team wishes you to Have an amazing 2015! 😀




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