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Hey, we are the Shakespeare Society of Wrocław. For the past 4 years we have been bringing exciting and hillarious performances in English to different stages all around the city. This year will be no different and as it annually happens we have a great pleasure to invite you all to audition for our 3 month long theatre project.

What is going to happen on the theatre auditions? We will have an acting workshop, scream a bit and run around to later in pairs of two audition by acting out funny scenes from great tv-shows and famous sketches.

This year we are looking for around 20 crew members. So if you want to try yourself in acting, directing, creating costumes or stenography, producing – this is an amazing opportunity.

Shakespeare S. is more than anything an extraordinary team of passionate and wonderfully mental people who put their culturally and linguistically diversed weirdness into a splendid box and create fascinating theatrical experiences with it.

<h4>Auditions for the theatre will take place on the 9th and 10th of March.</h4>


Feel free to check the official event for more details 🙂

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